Do you want to get inside Lindsay Lohan's bedroom? No? Too bad, she's taking you there anyway.

LiLo's episode of Bravo show Million Dollar Decorators, where she allegedly received a ton of expensive furniture and home decor and then bailed on the show's producers when it came time for the "follow-up" portion of taping, is set to air on Tuesday. And for someone who's reportedly broke and struggling to pay rent, she lives in an awfully nice home. The only problem is that her pad is more barren than her work schedule, so she gave decorator Kathryn Ireland a $250,000 budget to help fill the space.

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Here's one reason Lindsay might be struggling financially, though: she spent all her money on handbags! When Kathryn goes to visit her home, she's shocked that Lindsay has decorated her nearly empty bedroom with her Chanel accessories.

Kathryn put in a plan of action though, starting by removing the God-awful bed LiLo currently has. Check out her plans for the home in the video below!


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