We know we've said this about 82 times before, but Lindsay Lohan might seriously, for real, be headed to jail.

LiLo is set to be arraigned today for allegedly lying to cops about not being behind the wheel in her LA car crash last June, and it's almost a guarantee that the judge will revoke her probation stemming from her 2011 jewelry theft. If it's ruled she violated her probation, the end result could be eight months in jail, according to TMZ! Even worse for Lindsay is that the sentence could be longer if she's convicted of the criminal charge of lying to police. And that doesn't even take last month's nightclub assault into account!

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Lindsay may have more lives than a cat though, because her one saving grace is that the judge ruling over the case, Commissioner Jane Godfrey, is "not a big jail person." Jane presides over Drug Court and prefers mandatory drug counseling over jail. She also presides over Homeless Court and almost always advocates rehabiliation over the slammer. In other words, Lindsay might be sentenced to inpatient treatment, but that could also be done at a facility like Promises in Malibu, which amounts to rehab on the beach.

We're willing to bet Max George of The Wanted is staying far, far away from this situation.

Do you think Lindsay will finally head to jail?

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