If you think shopping for relatives is hard, imagine shopping for celebrities who can afford anything they want!

Luckily, we've all got a friend who is a wannabe glam diva like Kim Kardashian, sports fanatic like Nick Lachey, or hot mess like Lindsay Lohan. And we've rounded up some great gift ideas for these A-listers that will work just as well on the less famous people in your life. Check out all the hot items in our A-list gift guide for the holiday season!

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1. For Your Girlfriend Who Literally Has Everything:

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Let's be honest: If Kim Kardashian wants something, she goes out and gets it. Unfortunately, that makes shopping for her (or the diva friend in your life) a big hassle. One thing she probably doesn't have is a lipstick keyfob ($35) from Henri Bendel because it just came out. The signature brown and white stripes are accented with crystals, letting your friend kill two birds with one stone: putting on lipstick in the car as they head out to get more stuff.

2. For a New Mom Who Looks Like She Was Never Pregnant:

We literally didn't know Megan Fox was pregnant until minutes before she was due to give birth because the baby never showed on her. And if you have a friend or significant other who also seemed to not gain a pound during pregnancy, it's a safe bet they're already back in sexy lingerie shape. Make them a hot mommy with this purple passion burlesque corset ($52) that's guaranteed to make the special someone in their life very happy.

3. For Your Perpetually Offensive Friend:

If 2012 proved anything, it's that Chris Brown can't go a week without saying something horribly offensive. For the equally shocking person in your life, help them own it with Polly the Insulting Parrot ($13). This foul-mouthed parrot comes complete with a bunch of R-rated sayings ("Hey baby, show us your t*ts!") that are guaranteed to make jaws drop. But unlike your friend, it's somehow cuter coming out of the mouth of a toy bird.  

4. For Your Guy Friend That Tries Way Too Hard to be a Rocker:

Adam Levine is just about the least punk-rock person on the planet, but he's sure trying to pull it off with all the rocker jewelry and tattoos. For your poser friend who is also trying too hard to be the rocker they simply aren't, you can at least help them look the part with this Chan Luu Men's three-wrap bracelet ($104). The bracelet comes complete black white agate semi-precious stones on natural black leather, guaranteed to give them the "edge" they want. (Just make sure they hide their Nickelback records, too.)

5. For Your Indie/Hipster Friend:

Like any good hipster, it's a safe bet that Zooey Deschanel owns some vinyl. For the record lover in your life, you can help them take those records on the road with this Crosley Cruiser portable turntable ($80-90). The lightweight player also features built-in stereo speakers, so it doesn't need to be connected to a speaker system. Saving on electricity and not being a sell-out who walks around with an iPod? Sounds like a hipster's dream to us!

6. For Your Friend Who Will Watch Sports All Day On Christmas:

For some people like Nick Lachey, Christmas is less about family time and more about plunking down on the couch to watch sports all day. If you've got a sports fanatic friend and a little extra cash to blow, consider this man-cave item: a basketball hoop ($425) from Karl Zahn. The hoop is actually a light that can easily be placed on any wall. Just make it clear that you can't actually dunk a ball into this hoop.

7. For Your Friends With WAY Too Many Kids:

They may not ever admit it, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie probably want a night away from their gigantic brood more than anything this holiday season. For your equally birth control-challenged friends, get them a babysitter for the night. You can either take on the task yourself or get a local high schooler to do it, which will set you back $100 at the most. Unless we're talking about child care for the Octomom. Because not even Brad and Angelina could afford that...

8. For Your Hot Mess Friend Who Could Use a Night In:

If you've got a friend like Lindsay Lohan who simply can't go out at night without getting into trouble, give them a gift that will keep them inside. A game of Monopoly ($34) takes several hours to finish, which will guarantee they stay out of trouble on the weekends. And since Lindsay really might be going to jail, not passing Go and not collecting $200 very soon, she might as well get used to the feeling.

9. For Your (Allegedly) Closeted Friend:

Poor John Travolta can't have sex with a guy even if he wanted to, because the tabloids would find out in a nanosecond. So he'll have to keep settling for massages. We recommend the pros at Bliss Spa, where an hour massage will set you back around $120 (not including the happy ending).

10. For Your Girlfriend Who's Unhealthily Obsessed With Justin Bieber:

If you've got a friend who talks about how they want to be with Justin Bieber at every possible moment, give her this blow-up doll and tell her to shut up. Just-in Beaver ($14) looks exactly like the Canadian crooner, only his mouth is wide open at all times for... singing. It's also marked at half-off of its original price of $31 due to lack of sales. (We wonder why?!)


Which of these items will you pick up for your loved ones this holiday season?

Photos courtesy of Chan Luu, ilovesexy.com, Henribendel.com, Amazon, EBay and Getty Images