Well, this is one way to humble Jay-Z. While he’s often called himself “the best” rapper in the biz, he ate a piece of humble pie during a recent trip on the New York City subway.

On his way to his last performance at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, Jay sat next to an older woman and had swarms of fans taking pictures, yelling his name, and soaking in his celebrity. So Jay probably didn’t expect the woman next to him to ask who the hell he was.

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But don’t worry –- Jay-Z ain’t no diva. He explained to the woman that his name was “Jay,” yes he was famous, and that he “makes music.” Having no clue who this man was didn’t stop the woman from telling him how proud she was and wishing him luck on his performance.

Asking one more time who he was, he gave his full name: Jay-Z. Suddenly, the light bulb went off and she replied, “Oh, you’re Jay-Z. I know about Jay-Z!” See? He’s THAT big of a deal.

Now we just wonder if she knows about Beyonce?

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