Madonna? A diva? We’re shocked!

The Queen of Pop has caused yet another stir with newly-leaked footage of a rehearsal in Santiago, Chile. It may have just been a soundcheck, but it still had a sizeable crowd gathered to watch Madonna strut her stuff.

But can you believe it? Some of these low commoners dared to smoke in the presence of Her Madgesty!

Watch her response below... if you dare.

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The venue was outdoors, but the Material Girl apparently has a very powerful sense of smell, and some very sensitive lungs, too. She stopped in the midst of “Human Nature” to chastise her South American fans for smoking.

But Madge’s concerns were less for the health of her fans and more about her own disdain for secondhand smoke. She threatened to cancel the show if her fans didn’t immediately extinguish their butts!

“You don’t care about me? I don’t care about you. Alright? Are we gonna play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke,” Madonna practically spat at the offending fans. Her fury was so chilling, it sounded like she was about to call for their execution!

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Naturally, any anti-smoking stance is probably on the side of good ultimately, but Madonna went a little overboard in her commanding, quite regal tone. She wasn't exactly giving these people a choice.

And seriously, is it possible that the smoke could have been bothering her outdoors, from so far away?

“You’re looking right at me while you’re smoking cigarattes like I’m a stupid f***ing idiot!” she barks just before the video ends. Hey, maybe it's time to work this into an anti-smoking PSA? We're more intimidated by Madonna than virtually anyone else on the planet, so if she spends the next year yelling at people for smoking, we have a feeling we'll be looking at a tobacco-free planet by 2104.

Was Madonna too much of a diva in this clip, or does she have the right to make her demands?

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images