"No pain, no gain," the saying goes ― but this movie clearly has plenty of both.

We’ve been used to seeing Mark Wahlberg looking buff ever since his Calvin Klein underwear modeling days. But has he ever looked this buff? The actor clearly bulked up a bit to play the bodybuilder criminal who coerces two equally built buddies to go on a crime spree with him in the new action-thriller Pain And Gain.

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As you can see, even The Rock appears to have had a little “gain” ― and he was a pretty big dude to begin with!

The flick was directed by Michael Bay ― which might be where the “pain” comes in. Then again, this movie was made for a mere $25 million, which is the cost of about six seconds of a Transformers movie. There’s a chance that Pain And Gain will get him back to his slightly-more-respectable roots in films like Bad Boys and The Rock.

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Following Magic Mike, a very different movie that's also about frequently-shirtless men who make a living with their muscles, are we sensing a trend? Is objectifying males the new objectifying women? Is Pain And Gain the Magic Mike of 2013?

We'll find out when the movie opens in April!

Does Pain And Gain look like the Magic Mike of 2013 to you?