Matt Damon isn’t the flashiest actor out there, but that’s why we love him. He’s played one of the best new action heroes of the past several decades in the Bourne Identity films, had a hand in a number of under-the-radar indies, as well as delivered strong performances in a number of high-caliber films like True Grit, The Departed, and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

And yet, he’s never seemed to let it go to his head, and even though he’s starred in a number of very commercial films, it never feels like he’s doing it for a paycheck. Despite his love of privacy, Matt opened up to Playboy about a number of topics, ranging from his marriage to the prominent roles he’s passed up to what it’s like to make out with Michael Douglas (in a movie).

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In the interview, Matt reveals a few major roles he was up for that he had to pass on, including parts in Brokeback Mountain, Milk, and Avatar. Always outspoken about his political beliefs, he also shares his somewhat grim outlook on politicians today and what future generations can expect, but when asked if he’ll ever run for office, his answer is clear: “No, no, no.”

When it comes to his female fans ― many who consider him a heartthrob ― Matt is equally prone to shy away from the spotlight. “The people who are crazy enough to throw themselves at you tend to be so young that I’d be way too old for them. The ones who are slicker are probably interested in somebody else anyway. Besides, the narrative about me kind of goes, ‘He’s a boring married guy,’ which is great, because I don’t get any of that other stuff like Brad Pitt and George Clooney do. Lucy [Matt’s wife] doesn’t have to worry anyway.”

Sounds like the perfect hubby, right? Well… not if you’re the type who needs a lot of romance. “I’m sh**ty at that. I wish I were better because my wife deserves somebody who surprises her with a gift or flowers or some wonderful idea. I’ve never been good at that, and she’s really good at it, which makes me feel even more like sh*t.” (We think Matt’s being too hard on himself, but only his wife knows for sure.)

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The juiciest tidbit from the interview, though, was when Matt opened up about his upcoming film with Michael Douglas ― Behind The Candelabra, a Liberace biopic (Matt plays Liberace’s longtime romantic partner Scott Thorson).

“These two men were deeply in love and in a real relationship — a marriage — long before there was gay marriage. That’s not an insignificant thing. The script is beautiful and relatable. Their conversations when they’re dressing or undressing or having a spat or getting ready for bed? That’s every marriage. It feels like you’re witnessing something really intimate you would normally see with a man and a woman, but instead it’s two men, which was thrilling. There’s stuff I think will make people uncomfortable. Great. It’s HBO—they can change the channel.” (Oh, but we definitely won’t.)

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When it comes to kissing a man on-screen, Matt took the advice of an expert on the subject ― the late Heath Ledger, who of course snagged an Oscar nomination for the part Matt was up to play in Brokeback Mountain. “I remember asking Heath Ledger after Brokeback Mountain, ‘How’d you do that scene with Jake?’ — meaning the scene where they start ferociously kissing. He said, ‘Well, mate, I drank a half case of beer in my trailer.’ I started laughing, and he goes, ‘No, I’m serious. I needed to just go for it. If you can’t do that, you’re not making the movie.’”

When asked, Matt added: “Michael was a wonderful kisser.”

He will next be seen in Gus Van Sant’s Promised Land, which he co-wrote with The Office’s John Krasinski, out at the end of the month.

Are you looking forward to seeing Matt play gay again?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet and VanityFair