This month, a number of prestigious Oscar contenders are premiering, but Judd Apatow’s sorta-sequel to Knocked Up is all about bringing the laughs.

And even though the film itself is all about how unglamorous life can be once we reach a certain age, there was razzle-dazzle to spare on the This Is 40 red carpet. Best of all, it seems all the ladies remembered their panties! (Even Megan Fox!)

Catch pics of the comedic gang below to see whose look was the hottest.

Can you believe this woman just had a baby? Megann Fox is nowhere near 40, but when she is, we imagine she'll still look better than most women did in their twenties.

Leslie Mann actually is 40, right on the dot. And if this is 40, that can't be such a bad thing.

This is not a dress that virtually any 40-year-old could pull off. But it looks perfectly lovely on This Is 40 co-star Ava Sambora.

Something tells us Charlyne Yi wasn't really going for sexy with her red carpet look... but we could be wrong. She's only 26, but this actually could be 40.

Lena Dunham also stopped by to show her support for Judd's movie (he's her Girls executive producer), striking a prom-like pose with Aubrey Plaza.

And just in case you think the boys of This Is 40 were slouching -- no, they weren't.

So who had the best look? Tell us in the comments!

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet