And so another year is over, and a new one begins. But not without one last painful and awkward reminder that nobody wants to kiss you!

The New Year's Eve kiss is a long-standing tradition that was clearly designed by married people who want to rub their happiness in their single friends' faces one final time before the new year begins. Luckily, if you find yourself without a suitable smooching partner on this 31st of December, you won't be alone. It's rare for New Year's Eve kisses to go completely smoothly even in the movies.

Our round-up of the five best New Year's Eve kisses in movies proves that not even in Hollywood do these kisses go off without a hitch!


5. About A Boy

Hugh Grant and Rachel Weisz hit it off at a New Year's Eve party... until his lack of ambition turns her off. So he tells her he's a stay-at-home dad... leaving out the part that the child he's talking about isn't really his. So yeah, he lied to her — but their midnight kiss is still full of the promise of blossoming romance!

4. The Godfather Part II

Not every New Year's Eve kiss is romantic. This is a kiss of brotherly love — or hate, really — when Michael Corleone tells his brother Fredo he knows about his betrayal, giving him a smack that's really the kiss of death. Later, he has his poor brother executed on a fishing excursion.

3. Sex & The City

Carrie Bradshaw alone in bed on New Year's Eve? Something must not be right in Manhattan! The Sex & The City movie features a few characters happily coupled — Samantha and Charlotte — while bitter gay enemies Anthony and Stanford down some champagne and resign themselves to smooch each other. (Which apparently led to their atrocious wedding in the sequel.) But it's actually the friendship between Carrie and Miranda that is the most touching moment in the montage, as Carrie rushes downtown so that her friend isn't alone at midnight. (No, sorry — they don't kiss.)

2. New Year's Eve

With all the attractive stars in the huge cast list, this film was bound to contain a worthwhile peck or two. The best, of course, is Zac Efron surprising Michelle Pfeiffer with a sweep-her-off-her-feet peck, to which she protests: "I'm twice your age!" True, Michelle — but never look a gift horse in the mouth. Specifically when that gift horse is Zac Efron, and its mouth is kissing you.


1. When Harry Met Sally

It's no surprise that one of the best romantic comedies ever would have one of the best kisses. Harry runs to a New Year's Eve party just before midnight, finally confessing his love for Sally after twelve years of tumultuous friendship. They don't kiss quite at the stroke of midnight — first, he has do a little more convincing, then Sally ends with, "I hate you." Cue lip-lock. And really, isn't a great kiss at 12:02 just as good?

What's your favorite New Year's Eve kiss in a movie?