Miley, girl, we get it -- you can't be tamed!

Keeping up with her edgy new look, Miley Cyrus hit the stage alongside Borgore for his "Christmas Creampies" concert, where they sang their song Decisions on Saturday night. Along with her super short haircut, the singer/actress chose a revealing outfit and even danced next to a real live stripper!

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Miley is far from the Disney princess we once knew and loved, with cleavage spilling out of the strategically placed cut-outs in her tiny cropped top. However, she has no problem prancing around the stage in her too-tight leather pants, so let's give the girl credit where credit is due, right?

The singer is currently working on her fourth album, which she says is really different from anything she's ever done musically in the past. Let's just hope she tones it down from this racy performance as she inevitably heads out on tour herself. If she doesn't watch out, she'll have the porn studios knocking on her door again!


What do you think of Miley's outfit?

Photo courtesy of: Fame/flynet