It looks like Modern Family star Ariel Winter will be placed in the care of her older sister until further notice.

Ariel's sister Shanelle was granted legal guardianship last month after court documents alleged physical and emotional abuse from her mother Crystal Workman. It seems that their mom wasn't too happy about this and reportedly tried to leak nude pics of Shanelle to the press!

But lest you think this is an outrageous National Enquirer story, an actual publicist, Jonathan Hay, came forward with the allegations and said he won't release the photos, according to Radar Online.

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Jonathan accused Crystal of calling her nonstop not only to leak the photos, but also to seek representation for herself! "In all my years of being a publicist, I have never seen anyone stoop as low as wanting to sell out and destroy the reputation of her own daughter," said Jonathan. "Crystal said she wanted the public to see Shanelle for who she really was and smear her daughter in attempts to try and get custody back of Ariel. Clearly, Ariel is in the right place with Shanelle and away from her mother."

When faced with the accusations, Crystal didn't exactly go out of her way to deny them: "I love my daughter Ariel and I am trying to make sure she doesn't fall under the wrong influences so she doesn't become the next Lindsay Lohan," she said. Pretty effed up approach to make sure that doesn't happen, if you ask us...


Do you think Crystal and Ariel will ever be able to make peace?

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