You won't be mistaking Henry Cavill's Superman for a bird or a plane any time soon.

When last wer glimpsed The Man Of Steel, the trailer caught us by surprise with artsy visuals, Howard Shore's portentious Lord Of The Rings score, and Clark Kent hitchhiking (we know he doesn't really need a ride).

In the new trailer, however, we get all the things we expect a summer superhero blockbuster will have. Namely: explosions, daring rescues, and lots of Superman zipping through the air. Special effects have come a long way since Superman first appeared on TV back in the 50s, and now we highly doubt there will be any confusion as to whether or not he could just be a really large bird.

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Produced by Christopher Nolan (who didn't fare too poorly with a certain other superhero franchsie), the film is directed by 300's Zack Snyder, who previously adapted comic book characters in the dark superhero flick The Watchmen. It also features Kevin Costner as Clark's Earth dad, Russell Crowe as his space dad, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

And with this, we're officially excited!


Does the new Superman flick look like a winner to you?