There’s one part of the holiday season that makes all the stresses of gift-giving, family reunions and the perfect tree hunting totally worth it –- the cheesy Christmas pop songs that are released every year. Who doesn’t love hearing your favorite singers either put their own spin on a holiday classic or create an entirely new one?

In this week’s My Monday Playlist, we’ve gathered up the newest batch of holiday pop songs that we just can’t get enough of. (Yes, there are a few that maybe we wish weren't made, but Santa clearly didn’t grant our Christmas wish this year.)

Backstreet Boys – It’s Christmas Time Again

The Backstreet Boys FINALLY reunite to work on their eighth studio album, but not before releasing It’s Christmas Time.

Cee Lo Green – This Christmas

Cee Lo’s already has his version of the red suit, so just slap a white beard on him and it’s a Cee Lo Christmas ya’ll!

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Olivia Newton John & John Travolta -- I Think You Might Like It

Danny and Sandy are back together again, but maybe not in the best way. This is just hard to watch…

Jimmy Fallon & Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

This one may not be a new single, but Mariah Carey should probably consider releasing a new version with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. It’s THAT good.

Christina Perri – Something About December

This is your "It's so beautiful I wanna cuddle up by the fire and cry" Christmas song by Christina Perri. There always has to be at least one of those every year.

Colbie Caillat -- Christmas In The Sand

Beach, sun, sand, Santa Claus surfing. Does Christmas really get much better than that?

What's been your favorite Christmas tune this year?

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