Does this mean Payzer is back on? The fellas of One Direction put on the concert of their careers at Madison Square Garden Monday night and three important ladies were in attendance –- Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor, Zayn’s girlfriend Perri and… Liam’s ex (?) Danielle! So take a break from all the Haylor hype to ponder... does this mean that Liam and Danielle are back together? Hm…

Chelsea Briggs does some investigating in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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It all started when Danielle tweeted a photo of her with Eleanor and Perri with the caption, “So much fun last night with these girls.” Eleanor then retweeted it and replied, “Proud Girlfriends.” So cute, right?

Here are the deets: Danielle flew to NYC to be with Liam and the guys for one of the biggest moments of their career. After being spotted walking hand-in-hand down the streets of New York, people started saying that they are definitely back together. “Liam and Danielle were both very upset when the relationship ended. Most of the trouble was down to not being able to spend enough time together. They really miss each other,” a source told The Sun. Well, we missed them together!

What are your thoughts on Liam and Danielle getting back together? Loving it or not approving?