The country is still mourning the loss of the 26 victims -– 20 children and six adults -– that were killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT last Friday. While Saturday Night Live did go on with their scheduled show, they first paid tribute to the victims in a touching -- and distinctly non-comedic -- way.

Instead of opening with a comedic sketch, the members of the New York City Children’s Chorus sang "Silent Night" in front of the live studio audience. After finishing, they yelled out “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” keeping the tradition alive.

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The children made another appearance during the show when they performed with Paul McCartney on his song "Wonderful Christmastime."

Mary Wannamaker Huff, the artistic director of the children’s chorus, spoke about the children's involvement: “As the situation in Connecticut evolved, everybody realized that we needed to do something meaningful, to remember the folks in Connecticut. So 'Silent Night' was just a natural piece to do.”

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