Selena Gomez shows her support of BFF Taylor Swift by performing a choreographed dance with her girlfriend to I Knew You Were Trouble. Now THAT’S friendship! Plus, Selena definitely has some hot moves!

Chelsea Briggs shows you the dance party in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute.

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Selena gathered some of her friends for a little girls' night, which turned into a dance party for their friend Taylor! She tweeted a photo from the night, saying, “And then we danced til midnight” and “What I needed right about NOW :)” Hm, sounds like Selena needed a night away from the Biebs.

She then directly tweeted Taylor, writing, “SO cheesy, I know but I’m glad I’ve got my girls… and Gwenny @TaylorSwift13 we love you!" So cute.

Were you impressed by Selena's dance moves?