Ordinarily tall guys tend to get all the love, but a number of Hollywood’s most dynamic stars are surprisingly short in stature. Sometimes the big screen makes them look larger than they really are, or maybe we just like them for their diminutive selves.

In honor of The Hobbit’s upcoming release ― starring all 5’6” of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins ― here’s our roundup of Hollywood’s hottest, shortest stars (5’8” and under)!

(We’re ranking them from tallest to shortest, by the way.)


20. Joaquin Phoenix (5’8”)

Okay, 5’8” isn’t all that short, but Joaquin always struck us as a good few inches taller than that. Maybe that’s because he played Johnny Cash, who was a good six inches taller than Joaquin is.

19. Tom Cruise (5’7”)

It’s well-known in Hollywood that Tom is on the shorter side. Reportedly, he's 5'7" (though a lot of these guys could be fudging an inch or two). Still, that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most enduring action stars around. How long, do you think, before Suri outgrows him?

18. Mark Wahlberg (5’7”)

This one is surprising. Maybe it’s just because he filled out those CK briefs so well back in the 90s, or perhaps because he’s played a tough guy so often. We definitely would’ve guessed Marky Mark was a few inches taller.

17. Justin Bieber (5’7”)

The Biebs only turned 18 recently, so perhaps he’s still growing. Either way, we can’t feel too sorry for the world-famous teenager, whose massive stardom surpasses his height by a mile.

16. James McAvoy (5’7”)

The Scotsman isn’t someone who strikes us as particularly tall, but his magnetic screen presence in movies like X-Men: First Class and Atonement makes up all the difference.

15. Ryan Seacrest (5’7”)

Occasionally we catch a glimpse of him standing next to someone taller and think, “Hey, he looks short!” But maybe we think the other person is just freakishly tall. Anyway, we were taken by surprise at this one.

14. Josh Hutcherson (5’7”)

We’re Team Peeta all the way, but there’s one department where Gale definitely has him beat. Even Katniss has a couple inches on him! (But who bakes the better bread? And isn’t that what matters?)

13. Ben Stiller (57”)

Your typical male model has to be at least 6’ ― yet another reason why Zoolander probably wouldn’t have worked as a real model in the fashion industry. (We can probably think of 100 other reasons.)

12. Niall Horan (5’7”)

As if he didn’t already stand out for being the only blonde! At least his updo gives him the illusion of added height, and like many heartthrobs on this list, his superstardom should make up for any height that may be missing. In fact, some might even say his pocket-size stature is what makes him beautiful.

11. Dave Franco (5’7”)

Okay, so his brother James is three inches taller, and has more Oscar nominations, and is more famous. He’ll probably always live in his brother’s shadow literally and figuratively, but still ― Dave ain’t too shabby.

10. Daniel Radcliffe (5’6”)

It’s no wonder that the guy who played Harry Potter is a bit on the tiny side. But when you have an all-powerful magic wand, who needs the extra height?

9. Jon Stewart (5'6")

Great things come in small packages. The Daily Show host is far from the only comedian to make this list, proving that a lot of guys make up for short stature with big laughs.

8. Elijah Wood (5’6”)

No shocker ― the guy who played a Hobbit in Peter Jackson’s original Lord of the Rings trilogy is a wee one. (But he’s even shorter voicing a penguin in the Happy Feet movies.)

7. The Culkins (5’6-7”)

The Culkin brood is not a terribly tall clan, with Rory coming in an inch shorter than his brothers Kieran and Macaulay.

6. Scott Caan (5’5”)

Scott comes off somewhat short on screen, but not quite this pocket-sized. The Hawaii Five-0 and Ocean's Eleven star has clearly bulked up a bit to make himself look bigger, and we won't complain about that.

5. Emile Hirsch (5’5”)

The shorter they get, the less surprising it is. The star of Savages and Into The Wild does usually appear somewhat compact on the big screen, but it tends to work in the roles he plays.

4. Bruno Mars (5'5")

Big voice... not such a big guy. But have no fear, Bruno. We like you just the way you are.

3. Seth Green (5’4”)

Thanks to Mini-Me, he’s not the shortest thing about the Austin Powers franchise. Luckily his sense of humor is out of proportion with his size.

2. Prince (5’2”)

Who would’ve thought all that sensuality could fit into such a little man? He's closer in size to a "Raspberry Beret" than a "Little Red Corvette," but as a legend in the music biz, he's about as big as they come.

1. Peter Dinklage (4’5”)

Dwarfism doesn’t stop Tyrion Lannister from being one of the coolest, most badass characters on Game Of Thrones ― and on that show, that’s saying something! We’re glad he found a role that’s winning him the acclaim and awards he deserves, since he used to be stuck playing the usual elves and dwarves in stuff like Elf and The Chronicles of Narnia.


What's your cutoff? Which of these guys is too short for you... and who might you make an exception for? Let us know in the comment section below!

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet and Getty Images.