Is Liam Hemsworth trying to out-muscle his big brother Thor?

The Hunger Games star was involved in a crazy street fight in Philadelphia last Sunday, according to TMZ. The altercation began after Liam confronted a guy outside a bar when he thought he had thrown a rock at him and his friend.

Clearly not happy about the situation, Liam punched the man in the face and then held his head down toward the ground. TMZ obtained a video from the fight which shows the a man holding onto Liam’s leg while lying on the ground before the punch.

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Cops showed up the fight quickly after it started, but made no arrests. Instead, Liam left the bar with his friend and it’s still unclear whether the man will file charges or not.

So did the guy actually throw a rock at Liam and his friend? According to eyewitnesses, nobody saw any rocks thrown. Maybe Liam had a bit too much to drink that night?

What do you think about Liam’s street fight? Was he way out of line or is it too soon to tell?