Run, Harry Styles, run!

The rumors have been building for a couple weeks now, and here's more fuel for the fire. There's not a whole lot of upward movement in the dating department after bagging a Kennedy, but Taylor Swift seems to have found new song material -- sorry, a new beau -- in the One Direction singer. The two were spotted together over the weekend at Central Park Zoo in NYC. Not only that, but they're now responsible for the worst joint couple name to ever hit social media: Haylor.

Yes, Haylor. Gross.

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The duo were spotted at a taping of X Factor in LA last month, where Taylor received death threats from Directioners after some pretty innocuous displays of affection. They've also been wearing the same paper plane necklace.

Sooo... death threats. The (inevitable) breakup. Being in the public eye. Something juicy about Harry that isn't referenced directly by his family name. Yep. There's your next Taylor album, folks.

Do you think Taylor and Harry should be an item?

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