The Golden Globe nominations were announced today, sparking plenty of buzz about who was recognized, who was snubbed, and who’s going to win.

But let’s face it ― this isn’t the Oscars. And what we’re really looking forward to at this particular awards show more than anything is the banter between hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. In fact, we’d be perfectly happy if they just decided not to give out any awards this year, and instead just had a conversation for three hours.

Don’t believe us? The comediennes released their first ad for the show, featuring them talking in classical Hollywood accents like Katherine Hepburn.

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Pretty funny, right? We seriously wouldn’t mind watching this for a few more hours come January.

In case you missed them, see the full list of nominees here.

Do you think Amy and Tina were the right choice to host the Globes?