We’re currently smack-dab in the middle of awards season, but the new trailers we’re seeing are all about next year’s popcorn event movies with some of cinema’s most bankable stars.

Will Smith and son Jaden give us another double-dose of Smith in M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth, while Tom Cruise gets his future on in Oblivion.

Catch the trailers below!

After Earth’s trailer is predictably pretentious, given that it’s an M. Night Shyamalan movie. It features Will and Jaden as a father and son (big stretch) who find themselves crash-landed on a “mysterious planet” that is revealed to be Earth at the end of the trailer. (Is this supposed to be a surprise? The place looks very Earthy.) Will’s character is injured in the movie, so for once he leaves most of the action to Jaden. It’s like a trailer for the official passing of the action hero mantle onto the next member of the Smith clan!

M. Night hasn’t had much luck with his most recent films, which have been slammed by critics and mostly ignored by audiences (deservedly). We’ll see if After Earth can redeem The Happening, The Last Airbender, and Lady In The Water, but that’s a tall order. Despite a couple cool moments, we’re not sure this futuristic offering gives us enough to get worked up about.

Tom Cruise fares a little better in Oblivion, which has more distinctive visuals and a more intriguing premise. It’s from director Joseph Kosinski, who last made the visually dazzling (and emotionally bereft) Tron: Legacy. Tom plays Jack Harper (not to be confused with Jack Reacher), a gun-toting repairman who saves a mysterious woman from a downed spacecraft. Oh, and Morgan Freeman shows up looking awesome, as he tends to do.

If you’ve ever wondered what Apple products will look like in the future, the sleek white doo-dads in Oblivion seem to give us a glimpse. (Apparently, in the future they also make planes.) Also, Tom hangs from hires in a possible Mission: Impossible nod, and it’s always nice to remember the glory days. This is one we’re willing to get excited for.

Strangely enough, both trailers feature the action heroes suddenly yanked out of the scene, and both take place on a futuristic Earth after the population has been devastated. Apparently 2012 has got apocalypse on everyone's brain! (Though not so much that they didn't bother making the movies out of fear that the world would end.)

Oblivion is due in April, and After Earth hits theaters in June.


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