Confirmed: It is entirely possible to smoke too much weed.

The rap world has been getting into the holiday spirit this month, most recently with DMX's take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and now we can add Snoop Dogg to the mix. (Sorry, we can't bring ourselves to call him Snoop Lion). Snoop came up with an idea that could only be concocted when someone is really, really high, dressing up as Moses and engaging in a holiday rap battle with Santa. Since the video was posted last Monday, it's received over 4.6 million hits.

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And even though the idea sounds absolutely awful in theory, Snoop proved why he's one of the greatest rappers ever and figured out a way to pull this off. "It takes nine reindeers to haul your fat ass, you took the Christ out Christmas and just added more mass," rapped Snoop in an epic win for this verbal battle against Santa.

We have to wonder what's coming next in the hip-hop holiday world though. Maybe Lil' Wayne can sing Silent Night? Or Lil' Jon can dress us up a mall Santa? ("I want a bike for Christmas." WHAT?! "I said I want a bike for Christmas." OHH-KAY!)

What do you think of Snoop's rap battle with Santa?

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