A parody about Instagram has been made and just a warning if you’re addicted to the app – you’re probably guilty of one or more of these photo crimes.

College Humor put their own spin on Nickelback’s Photograph and turned it into Look At This Instagram. Using their best Chad Kroeger vocals, the guy and the girl in the video make fun of THOSE Instagramers. Watch and you’ll know what we mean.

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The parody is dead-on when it comes to calling out the Instagramers who use filters to turn food, fingers nails, feet and plenty more into “art.”

“Started out as a lemon tart, then my phone went and made it art,” is one of many astute lyrics that's been making this video viral over the past few days. Bravo, College Humor. Bravo.

What did you think about the Instagram parody? Spot on or just not funny?