Unless maybe you’re this woman on the subway, you’re well aware that Lindsay Lohan has had a pretty wretched couple of weeks. Liz & Dick got savaged by critics, the IRS seized her bank accounts, and she was arrested for assaulting a fortune teller in a club. (Did the woman tell her an arrest was in her future, perhaps?)

The Wanted were partying with Lindsay the night of the incident and chatted with MTV about their take on the scandal.

The press may be giving Lilo an even harder time than usual these days, but the lads of The Wanted have nothing but kind words for the troubled starlet. They call her a “sweetheart” and say their interaction was “quite positive.”

Jay McGuiness even wore a homemade “Free Lindsay” T-shirt to his Madison Square Garden show last Thursday, the night of the arrest! “After a small scuffle that went down, I felt very sorry for her. I wanted to cheer her up and I think she said she liked it, right?"

They also deny that the fight was over Max George.

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The latest on Lilo’s arrest drama is that Lindsay denies she hit the woman, but does admit to calling her a “gypsy” when she suspected the woman had been after her sister’s purse.

At least we can take The Wanted's cheerful approach at face value, since they weren't shy about calling Christina Aguilera a "bitch" when she was cold to them on The Voice.

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