Should Selena Gomez be worried?

Her on-again boyfriend Justin Bieber made it clear that he isn't the least bit shy when it comes to hanging out with beautiful Victoria's Secret models! In fact, during his performance at the VS Fashion Show, which aired Tuesday, he had no qualms about interacting with his stage props -- which just so happened to be the models themselves!

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The Biebs pranced around stage alongside the sexy ladies, including Miranda Kerr, and even seemed out of breath while performing in their presence. Justin also sang along to some lines on Nicki Minaj's rap verse in the song -- and maybe it's just us, but does he shrug just a wee bit while singing "I gotta keep my eye out for Selena?" Hmmm...

In addition to the performance, Justin was caught on camera several times backstage ogling the ladies -- not to mention the Beauty and a Beat lip sync video he made with them! Let's hope Selena had a prior engagement and couldn't watch last night... right?

Should Selena be jealous of Justin? Or is it just part of his job?