Hey, moms and dads! What do you get your little tyke who has everything for that next birthday? Why, how about a plush slave! And a plantation owner to match!

They’re from that new Quentin Tarantino movie, Django Unchained ― yes, that’s right, the one that uses the N-word approximately 12 billion times, and features a ton of graphic bloodshed.

What could possibly go wrong?

Okay, so this line of Django Unchained toys was probably never intended for children, but rather as a collectible item for Tarantino-lovers.

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But still! Did this toy company really need a bunch of African American groups to protest before realizing that making playthings out a slavery movie was a horrendous idea? Apparently. After selling about 1,000 of the figures, the Django Unchained toys have been pulled, according toTMZ, after the Weinstein Company requested that they be discontinued. (After apparently approving them in the first place.)

Now, you might say that it’s really Quentin Tarantino who made the initial insensitive act (and of course, that is what some are saying), by using slavery as a piece of entertainment in his film. But turning it into a line of toys is just crossing another line of uncomfortable. If anybody really feels the urge to reenact pre-Civil War America using dolls, they will just have to borrow their little sister’s Barbies like everyone else.

Would you ever own a Django Unchained toy?