You might expect the Sexiest Man Alive to also be the Most Wanted, but that’s not how People plays it.

The magazine caused a minor uproar by selecting 2012’s prolific Channing Tatum over the relatively reclusive Ryan Gosling as Sexiest Man Alive in November, but you won’t hear any complaints from us. (It’s like Sophie’s choice, really.) Still, People has now apparently responded by placing Ryan on this week’s cover under the headline “America's Most Wanted Man.”

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Okay, so sure, “Most Wanted Man” is obviously a play on Ryan’s badass Gangster Squad character. Still, it does feel like a bit of an apology to Ryan fans who weren’t happy to see the Magic Mike star labeled “Sexiest Man Alive” instead.

But hey, if People wants to put Ryan Gosling on their cover under the headline “America's Most Wanted Man,” and then include “tons of sexy pics,” we’re not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. (Or the eyes. Or the abs. Or… you get the idea.)

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Photos Via People