The world will be watching on Sunday when the Super Bowl kicks off, but plenty of those tuning are less concerned about the score and more into the halftime show!

Halftime shows on Super Bowl Sunday keep getting more elaborate and outrageous each year, which makes us wonder how Beyonce and company will raise the stakes in 2013. From wardrobe malfunctions to crazy collaborations, check out the 10 most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows of all time!

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1988 - Chubby Checker, The Rockettes and 88 Pianos

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This performance was considered by many to be the first over-the-top Super Bowl halftime show that would set the stage for years to come. Chubby Checker was joined by The Rockettes and 88 grand pianos, bringing back "The Twist" and putting on a better halftime show than plenty of more recent ones.

1992 - Super Bowl On Ice

What would Brian Boitano do? Figure skate at the Super Bowl, of course. He skated around an extremely unconventional stage while Gloria Estefan sang, but the Minneapolis crowd ate it up.

1993 - Michael Jackson Sings 'Heal the World'

Surrounded by 3,500 local children, he closed his halftime set with this memorable performance. But just a few months later, all those pesky child molestation charges would begin to surface and this performance would go from inspirational to creepy.

1996 - Diana Ross' Diva-tastic Performance

A medley of hits! Four costume changes! A helicopter exit! The original diva lived up to her name with an extremely elaborate performance that featured a huge choir and every bell and whistle that money can buy.

2001 - N'Sync, Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Nelly Medley

During the peak of the Total Request Live days, the MTV show even influenced who made it to the Super Bowl halftime show. Four of MTV's biggest acts at the time all put on an impressive medley that culminated in a rendition of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

2002 - U2 Pays Tribute to 9/11 Victims

Who knew an Irish band could make us feel so patriotic? Bono and Co. closed their performance with "Where the Streets Have No Name” and a list of all the people that died during 9/11. At the end of the show, he lifted his jacket to reveal an American flag and brought the crowd to their feet.

2003 - No Doubt's B-A-N-A-N-A-S Performance With Sting

When Sting took the stage to perform the 1979 Police hit "Message in a Bottle," Gwen joined him for a killer duet that was undoubtedly the performance of the night.

2004 - Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's "Wardrobe Malfunction"

Most of us manage to keep our boobs from falling out in a variety of settings. Most of us are not Janet. "Nipplegate" prompted worldwide controversy and led to ABC revising their censor policy. But while Justin managed to escape from the performance unscathed, Janet's career never recovered.

2006 - The Rolling Stones Meet ABC Censors

Not taking any chances after Nipplegate, ABC introduced a five second delay and censored two of their three songs due to sexually suggestive lyrics. But when was all said and done, the Stones put on the kind of show that only the Stones can put on.

2012 - MIA Flips Off Viewers

Plenty of people weren't totally familiar with MIA when she took the stage alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj, but she gave them one hell of an introduction by flipping the camera off during her performance. She later apologized, but the damage was already done at that point. 

What's your favorite Super Bowl halftime performance?

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