Tonight is the season premiere of American Idol and you know what that means: time for some absolutely horrible singing!

The show historically starts off every season by immediately cutting the vocally challenged and often delusional contestants who show up for auditions. Check out our roundup of the top 13 contestants who were so awful that America would even vote to keep them away from the local karaoke bar.

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1. Trista Giese

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Trista's impression of the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz sounded more like Chewbacca and basically amounted to gargling her own spit. And for reasons that defy logic, she decided to incorporate that vocal, umm, talent into her audition. "I am the most different that's ever been on this show. I have something that no one can bring," she said afterwards. We can't really argue with her there...

2. Roland Maxharj

Roland traveled all the way from Kosovo with a dream of Hollywood stardom, but it's typically a bad sign when you start singing and the first response from the judges is laughter.

3. Nick Zitzmann

Not only was Nick a terrible singer, but he scared the crap out of everyone watching with his creepy child molester stare that made viewers want to do a search on Megan's Law. When asked if he would watch his bombed audition, he said that "it's possible I might watch it and scare myself." Pretty much...

4. Darwin Reedy

Darwin walked in for her audition with a look that she felt was "sexy," but nobody else shared that sentiment. And she brought in her doppelganger mother who said that she supported her daughters talent. But if she were a truly supportive parent, she would have told Darwin to find another dream long ago.

5. Pat Ford

When an awkward gay dude sings about being a womanizer, it's already a bad start. But the additional choreography that followed was simply inexcusable.

6. Mary Roach

"I think I have a very unique vocal style," said Mary in the understatement of the century. But what makes this audition truly epic isn't just the terrible singing: the in-depth conversation about the voices in her head and full-on meltdown afterwards brought this from trainwreck to viral video.

7. James Lewis

Holy. S***. Please tell us this wasn't for real.

8. Keith Bukelauer

Very appropriately, Keith chose "Like a Virgin" for his audition, complete with choreography that made viewers wonder if he was having a stroke. But even though he was dreadful, Simon decided to have fun at his expense by making him perform another song -- before dubbing him "the worst singer in the world."

9. Steven Theon

Look, for anyone to pull off "Bohemian Rhapsody" would be difficult. It's even harder when you're genuinely tone-deaf. Simon Cowell and the other judges proceeded to laugh in his face for the next two minutes before dubbing the performance "like a one-year-old singing."

10. Paul Marturano

The idea of serenading Paula Abdul with an original song was a sweet idea on paper... until Paul started singing it. Talking about breaking into someone's house, trying on their underwear and walking them like a dog doesn't typically go over well with people. "I want you to leave. There's something really disturbing about you," said Simon afterwards.

11. Jacqueline Roman

Rather than subject you to four minutes of torture, just scroll to the 1:58 mark and play that note over and over again. When Jacqueline said she had God on her side for the audition, Simon landed one of his best lines ever, claiming: "He's taken the day off."

12. Isadora Furman

"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?" No thanks. Not now or ever.

13. William Hung

"She bangs! She bangs!" William's infectious nerdiness ended up getting him a recording contract, where he released three albums of tone-deaf covers. His 2004 album Inspiration even reached No. 1 on the U.S. Indie charts and he had a brief movie career in Hong Kong shortly after. He now serves as a technical crime analyst for the LA County Sheriff's Department.

Who do you think was the worst American Idol contestant ever?

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