Alexander Skarsgard is just the right mix of creepy and sexy on True Blood, but his new Sundance film takes the actor in a somewhat different direction as the leader of an anarchist group.

And he's in good company — he co-stars with past Sundance darlings Ellen Page (Juno) and Brit Marling (The Sound Of My Voice and Another Earth). Here's what he told Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs about how he thinks his True Blood fans will react to the movie!

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"It was just a very intelligent, very smart script, very political... but without being preachy," he says of his role in The East, which is bringing him to Sundance for the first time. "I didn't feel like they were trying to shove an opinion down my throat. I felt like it just made me think and question things."

In fact, Alexander has such confidence in the movie that he hasn't even checked out the film yet — he's seeing it for the first time at the fest!

As for how he thinks fans of his often-naked vampire character Eric will respond to the movie? "I'll see how they react to the beard," he laughs.

Will you check out The East (despite the beard)?