That girl is on fire ― at least, BlackBerry seems to think so. The “Empire State of Mind” songstress is now a triple-threat as a songwriter/performer/global creative director for a phone?  

Today BlackBerry announced that Alicia Keys will be the creative force behind their bid to become relevant again, in a world dominated by the iPhone. Once upon a time, iPhone and BlackBerry were sort of neck-and-neck , but the company has taken a major hit over the past couple years and is looking to make a comeback with the newly-announced BlackBerry 10.

The LA Times notes that a couple other musicians have received some dubious creative director positions in the past ― for Intel and Lady Gaga for Poloroid, so Alicia isn't the first head-scratcher for a job like this.

So that’s your move, iPhone. If you need a random musician to perform duties she’s probably unqualified for, we hear Britney Spears may be available…

Do you think Alicia is qualified for the position?

Photo Courtesy of Fameflynet