Before the 12th season of American Idol even began, the feud between judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was all people could talk about, sparking rumors that it would take the spotlight off the contestants. On last night’s episode, all of that was put aside when Lazaro Arbos stepped into the room.

Lazaro, the last contestant shown to audition in Chicago, has suffered through stuttering his entire life, making it a struggle for him to speak. But once he opens his mouth to belt out the first note, all of that goes away.

Watch his moving audition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Warning: you will get goose bumps and you may shed a tear… or two.

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Impressive, right? The judges thought so too, with Nicki saying, “Your story is very, very inspiring. I think you brought a really great vibe into the room.” Keith Urban gave him advice on how to stop the stuttering by saying, “Just sing all the time!”

So the verdict for the four judges? It was an unanimous ‘yes’ to send him to Hollywood! Such an amazing story –- just what Idol likes to show.

What did you think of Lazaro’s audition? Does he have a shot at becoming the next American Idol?