Is Anna Faris the next Charlie Sheen?

If we’re talking about Anna being fueled by tiger’s blood and claiming to be a warlock, then no... likely not. But if we’re talking about being the star of a sitcom by Chuck Lorre, then yes. She is.

Chuck Lorre, creator of Two And A Half Men as well as The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, has co-written the pilot Mom, about a recently sober single mother struggling to keep it together in Napa.


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We’ve loved Anna for her hilarious turns in movies like Smiley Face and The House Bunny, though her recent stab at being a more conventional romcom heroine in What’s Your Number? was a misfire. Then again, now that Anna really is a mom (with husband Chris Pratt), perhaps it’s time for her to take a more grownup role.

But is a CBS pilot from the creator of Two And A Half Men really the place for her? We’d expect to see her in something raunchy and outrageous on HBO or Showtime. And the genric title Mom just doesn’t do it for us.

Hopefully Anna can rise above the less-promising aspects of this pilot and maybe create a winner, since we’d love to invite her into our homes on a weekly basis. We’ll reserve judgment until we see it… maybe.

Are you excited to see Anna on TV?

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