Chinese fans of 007 won't be treated to the same version of Skyfall as the Western world.

Several of the film's scenes which were shot in Shanghai and Macau have been edited or removed completely by the Chinese government due to what was deemed as culturally controversial content.

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One of the main scenes that was removed features the film's assassin gunning down a Chinese security guard. The subtitles of the film have also been tweaked in some scenes, including one where Bérénice Marlohe's character talks about being a member of a Macau prostitution ring. The edited subtitles simply say she is a member of the mob, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, it's not uncommon for Chinese officials to censor movies they deem offensive. Last year, Men in Black 3 was only screened after the removal of scenes two scenes: one depicting aliens masquerading as Chinese restaurant workers in New York, the other with a group of Chinese pedestrians having their memories wiped out by Will Smith’s character.

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Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures