You know things have gotten bad when the judge in your case can't resist making fun of you.

Lindsay Lohan managed to overcome her "upper respiratory illness" that's treated with cigarettes and NYC shopping sprees and actually make it to court yesterday in LA for her probation-violating hearing. "I'm glad to see you're feeling better," said Judge Stephanie Sautner. And then it got way worse when we found out who was representing her. (Hint: It wasn't her longtime lawyer/miracle worker Shawn Holley).

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Enter Mark Heller. So what's wrong with the guy? Well, for starters, he's not licensed to practice law in California! But just when it seemed that Lindsay reached rock bottom with this new selection, Mark grabbed a shovel for her and started digging.

He showed up to court in a Hummer with license plates that read "IMTRYIN." And if that's not bad enough, he walked inside with a briefcase that had a rabbit-foot key chain for "good luck." (Even this guy thinks that LiLo needs all the help she can get). Mark then tried sweet talking the judge during his opening statement, but she quickly told him that flattery would get him nothing, according to TMZ.

Even Lindsay's facial expression in the photo above says it all. "Is this guy f*cking serious?!"

Yep, we'd be looking for the nearest exit too if we were you...

Has Lindsay officially dug her own grave?

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