Daniel Radcliffe is taking a giant leap away from his most famous role of Harry Potter as he steps into the shoes of Allen Ginsberg in the Sundance film Kill Your Darlings. But the big question is how his loyal HP fans will actually take him in a much different role.

“If they coped with Equus, they’ll cope with this,” Daniel joked. You remember Equus? The Broadway play where he appeared completely nude? Of course you do.

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Since Allen Ginsberg is a complete 180 from Harry Potter, obviously training for the role was much different for Daniel.

“I worked very, very closely with John [Krokidas] for a good few months before we started,” he explained. “When I did How to Succeed we’d see each other every so often to keep working on stuff –- the accent, the physicality, I watched a lot of YouTube clips.” We’re excited to see a whole different side of Daniel in this flick!

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