Beyonce has been the main topic in the headlines this week for her “maybe she did, maybe she didn’t” lip syncing scandal at the Presidential Inauguration. But we’re going to switch to a more positive Queen B story -– was her set list for the Super Bowl halftime show released?

Here’s what we know: according to a source, Beyonce will kick off her performance with her hit “Crazy in Love” (good choice, B). About midway through the show, the Destiny’s Child reunion that we’ve been dreaming about will come true as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams join Beyonce for a DC melody.

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We’ll hear some of their biggest hits, like “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Survivor,” then end with their new single “Nuclear.” Um, here’s “Bootylicious?” Or what about “Bug a Boo?” We’ll try not to be too bitter about it.

Since it seems nobody can stop talking about Beyonce’s lip syncing deal, the set list being released is a beautiful transition in Beyonce news. But until we actually see the performance, this is the Destiny's Child melody we'll be hoping for:

What songs do you hope to hear from Beyonce at the Super Bowl?