Sometimes you have a little too much tequila and wake up next to somebody you didn’t intend to go home with. And sometimes, you wake up next to an A-list actor and/or a supermodel.

At least, that’s what the new commercial from Casamigos Tequila would like you to believe, and they got George Clooney and Cindy Crawford to help convince you.

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The commercial has a pretty funny gag with various pairs of husband-girlfriend/boyfriend-wife/wife-girlfriend/boyfriend-husband swaps occur, featuring every possible pairing between these two couples (Cindy and Rande Gerber, George and Stacy Keibler).

However, we think it’s more likely that the person you go to bed with will look like Cindy or George, but when you wake up? Another story entirely.

If you ever actually think you’ve woken up next to George Clooney or Cindy Crawford after a night of heavy tequila-drinking, proceed to the nearest hospital to have your stomach pumped immediately.

Did George and Cindy's tequila ad work its charms on you?

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