KKK and Aryan families everywhere will have to find a new toy for their child's birthday this year.

After the super-controversial Django Unchained action figures were pulled from shelves last week after people realized a 5-year-old shouldn't have a toy slave and plantation owner, they naturally made their way to eBay. The six-doll set was selling for up to $2,000, but the auction site has decided to ban the figures from being sold.

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A rep for eBay said the toys were pulled due to violations of their offensive materials policy, according to Deadline. The site bans items which "graphically portray graphic violence or victims of violence, unless they have substantial social, artistic or political value." This also includes "racially or ethnically offensive language, historical items, reproductions and works of art and media."

That said, we kinda love the choking hazard warning on the box that says the toys aren't suitable for kids under age 3. You'd think it would be obvious that toddlers might be a little young for slavery dolls, but apparently not...

One thing Django Unchained isn't banned from is the Oscars. The film is up for five awards including Best Picture.

Do you think the toys should have been pulled from eBay?

Photo courtesy of Amazon.