If you’ve jumped on the Ed Sheeran bandwagon like the rest of us, you’re probably more than ready for album number two from the British singer/songwriter, right? Ed is gearing up to hit the road with pal Taylor Swift on her Red tour, which is where he plans to put his sophomore album together.

“I’ve got around 26 songs for the next record, and I’ve got another nine months on the road to keep writing as well, so the record’s definitely on his way,” he told Billboard. “I can tell you it will probably come out in February 2014, and I’m gonna be recording and writing it over the whole Taylor tour.”

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As flawless as his debut album + is, Ed wrote it when he was at the young age of 17. So being the 21-year-old he is now, we can expect something a bit different from him next. “I’ve definitely evolved in the way I write songs and way I person, the whole mindspace,” he explained. “So it’s going to be a little more developed, I think.”

Ed has been hitting the road like crazy this past year, working on making his big break in U.S., along with being his fans across the pond happy. But being Taylor’s opening act on his monumental tour is something he’s never experience before. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve never really played to crowds that big before, so I’m hoping it goes down well,” Ed said. “The longest I’ve played in a stadium was six songs at Wembley Stadium for some big radio event. That was mental. So doing that with Taylor night after night is definitely going to be an experience.”

You can check out Ed’s entire interview at Billboard.com!

How do you think Ed’s career will grow while touring with Taylor? Will he become a household name?