Ellen Page steps into a darker-than-usual role in the Sundance thriller The East alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling. Since we're used to seeing Ellen playing nice in films like Juno, Whip It and Inception, her role may be bit different than previous characters she’s played on the big screen.

“The role was so amazing and as a young actress, roles like that don’t always come along so I feel so grateful that they let me be involved,” she explained.

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In The East, Ellen, along with Alexander, leads a group of environmental terrorists to take down the big leagues that have caused damage. Think of a film like Fight Club (but without all the fighting).

With such a talent cast attached, one would wonder what the atmosphere on set was like! “We all just really connected and got along,” Ellen said. “You felt this sort of safety and trust on set and I think you see it in the film.”

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Are you excited to see Ellen in a much darker, gritty role?