Emile Hirsch is no stranger to indies, with a whole slew of roles in smaller movies under his belt, so it's no surprise to see him at Sundance.

In his latest role, he stars in an offbeat buddy movie opposite Paul Rudd from director David Gordon Green, who is returning to the smaller films of his early career after bigger movies like Pineapple Express.

Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs had a chat with Emile about his latest project Prince Avalanche!

"It's exciting and at the same time it's a little nerve-wracking. There's maybe more pressure on the two actors," Emile says of the movie which is heavily focused on just his and Paul's characters. (Though he does give props to a co-star, Lance LeGault, who has unfortunately since passed away.)

Emile admits he hasn't seen even a single frame of the movie yet, as he was about to walk into it for the first time when we caught up with him!

Will you check out Prince Avalanche?