When it was announced that Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo Green were going to take a mini-vacay from their judging chairs on NBC’s The Voice, we were kinda bummed. Who could replace Cee-Lo and his eccentric outfits with random pets as accessories? Who would take on Christina’s scandalous wardrobe and cool off with the nicest fans anyone had ever seen? Simple: Usher and Shakira.

The first photos of the new judges show the two getting nice and cozy in their giant red chairs, and by the sounds of it, at the fourth season’s press conference, the show won’t be lacking in entertainment!

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All four judges have gotten a taste of what’s to come this season since they’ve already filmed the blind auditions. Adam Levine described Shakira as “a pregnant, hormonal Colombia,” who’s “ready to bust some heads. She ain’t messing around!” He also said she’s a combination of “comic relief, super f**king serious and gangster.” That’s the magic combo right there!

But what about Usher? “Cee-Lo was always so laid back,” Blake Shelton said. “He’s kind of been the quiet killer in this thing. We replaced Cee-Lo with somebody that’s just that more aggressive and now you’ve got four that are killers up there.”

While Adam may have joked around when it comes to talking about Shakira, he got straight up serious on what he expects Usher to bring to the table – finding a superstar. Yeah, we’d say he’s pretty good at that. “As much as I hate to say this about another coach in the beginning, Usher has done what this show has yet to do – you have launched a superstar and that’s our goal,” he explained. “That’s something we want to do as an institution.”

We still have to wait until March to watch these new judges show what they’ve got, but until then, we can still watch the latest promo over and over again!

Which judge are you most excited to see on the next season of The Voice?