With all the buzz about the Golden Globes last night, you could be forgiven for forgetting that HBO’s Girls also made its triumphant return, just after winning a couple of trophies for Best Comedy Series and Best Comedic Actress Lena Dunham.

So if you’re not yet an avid Girls watcher, now may be the perfect time to jump in, since a pair of Golden Globes mean this dramedy is hotter than ever.

So far, Season Two proves that these Girls haven’t been tamed. If anything, the show got even racier and more complicated now that Hannah is playing the field. Get a taste of what went down after the jump!

When last we left the Girls, Jessa had gotten abruptly hitched to a near-stranger, Shoshanna lost her virginity to Ray, and Hannah’s ambivalence led to Adam being hit by a truck.

In the Season Two premiere, “It’s About Time,” the girls are all in a different place than we met them when the series premiered. Hannah is no longer a lovelorn slave to Adam, the emotionally-unavailable casual sex buddy she was pining for through Season One (until she got him). Except now that Adam is incapacitated due to his accident, Hannah feels guilty enough that she is a slave of another kind, devoting lots of time to keeping him happy and even going so far as to change his bedpan. Adam’s gratitude is, not surprisingly, virtually invisible.

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Meanwhile, she’s also dating Sandy (Donald Glover), a relationship she’s trying to keep as un-Adam-like and low-maintenance as possible ― meaning he can’t meet her friends. From what little we see of him, Sandy is sweet and chill and the kind of guy Hannah should be spending her time with. Which means she'll probably be drawn back to Adam. In addition to these two, there’s a third guy Hannah finds herself in bed with during this episode ― that would be Elijah, her gay ex-boyfriend. Elijah and Adam she sleeps with platonically in this episode, but Girls is clear that Hannah needs all different kinds of male attention at this time in her life, sexual and otherwise.

What she doesn’t need? Her girls. “It’s About Time” centers around Hannah and Elijah’s housewarming party, and it’s surprisingly Elijah who takes a more central role in Hannah’s life at this moment. Hannah has apparently been blowing Marnie off to take care of Adam ever since Marnie moved out, and now Elijah has taken over the BFF role. When Marnie confronts Hannah to ask they’re okay, Hannah shrugs off Marnie’s concerns with no consideration of how her friend feels.

And how does Marnie feel? Confused and lonely. She’s just out of a lengthy relationship with Charlie, and when she’s reunited with her sensitive ex and his bitchy new girlfriend at the party, he sees their relationship playing itself out all over again with this new girl echoing Marnie’s frustrations and Charlie, as ever, just taking the abuse.

It all builds up to an incredibly uncomfortable love scene between… Marnie and Elijah?

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Yep. Turns out that Elijah is in the mood to do a little bisexual exploring, having just had a dramatic encounter with his own drunk boyfriend earlier in the evening. As they have a drunken chat after the party, they end up kissing and then going for full-on sex… very briefly, before Elijah loses interest because Marnie apparently rolled her eyes at him.

(This was obviously a terrible idea before, during, and after.)

Things go a little better for Shoshanna, who thinks she’s been spurned (“deflowered, but not devalued”) by Ray only to realize that he may have some feelings for her after all. Having sex hasn’t toned her personality down any, though, as she’s still as high-strung as ever (and stuck in a pretty awful hat for most of this episode).

As for Jessa, she’s barely in this episode ― she and her new hubby return from their honeymoon at the very end of “It’s About Time.”

So what does this mean for Season Two of the water cooler hit? For a show called Girls, sisterhood seems to be the last thing on Season Two’s mind, with the ladies all dealing with their problems individually (and with guys). Perhaps Girls isn’t the ode to women sticking together everyone expected when hailing it the new Sex & The City  upon its premiere ― perhaps Lena Dunham is more interested in exploring girls as individuals rather than girls as a group. Or maybe this is just some isolated downtime before the friendship between them grows stronger.

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Last season caught so much buzz because of Lena’s “voice of a generation” status, which has only been cemented by her Globes win. But this season she seems less interested in telling the story of twentysomething financial hardship (though Marnie does get downsized in this episode). This episode of Girls features a lot of stray girls and boys seeking solace and connection, mostly in the wrong places, and perhaps wisely doesn’t try to live up to the enormous hype that’s been built around it.

Then again, would it be better if it did?

Next week we’ll see if Marnie sleeping with Hannah’s former boyfriend and current roommate has any consequence in their friendship, or if Hannah is still too focused on herself to notice or care what her friends are doing. Regardless, Girls still has the frank sexuality, controversially self-absorbed heroine, and snappy dialogue that will keep its buzz alive for quite some time.

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