Who was the big winner at the Golden Globes last night? Homeland? Argo? Or the casual viewer who watches live entertainment events hoping for the most awkward moments and celebrity gaffes possible?

This year’s Globes had plenty of highlights, including hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and a handful of memorable speeches. It also had, seemingly, more than its share of blunders and WTF moments.

Some were wonderfully awkward. Some were just uncomfortable. Here’s our roundup of the 12 most awkward moments from last night's Golden Globes!

12. "Darcy St. Fudge" Loses For Dog President

It’s likely that you didn’t see all the nominees in every category. But we know you definitely didn’t see Dog President, for which Darcy St. Fudge and Damian Francisco were nominated for Best Actress/Actor in a TV Series. That’s because they were played by hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As the “psychic who solves her own murder,” Amy as Darcy had some serious chompers (and a pat on the back from a certain pop singer), prompting presenter Eva Longoria to crack: “She can’t win, can she?” However, the disguise was so convincing that we’re sure some viewers at home missed the fact that this was Amy, and just thought some poor actress with really bad teeth legitimately lost the award.


11. This Lady Hits On Bradley Cooper

In contrast, this was not Amy Poehler in a red wig and age makeup. This is the actual HFPA president Aida Takla-O'Reilly, who made an unexpected “Call Me Maybe” come-on to Bradley Cooper. Kind of cute, kind of uncomfortable… but Aida, honey, isn’t Tommy Lee Jones more your speed?


10. Amy Poehler Introduces Kate Hudson, Star Of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Amy Poehler made a wisecrack about a wacky-sounding fictional flick starring Kate Hudson as she was introduced as one of the first presenters. Another made-up movie like Dog President! Hilarious, right? Wait, no… not a joke. Turns out this is a real movie.


9. Taylor Swift's Face

Between the expression on Taylor Swift's face during rival Adele's acceptance speech, and the lack of any glimpse at her face when Tina and Amy made a crack at her reputation as a heartbreaker, we suspect that the newly (and frequently) single gal may not have had the best night. At least Taylor got to give her trademark surprised face a rest in favor of this one.


8. Jennifer Garner Thanks George Clooney

It’s pretty common for stars to forget to thank one of the many people who helped out on their award-winning movie. It’s less common for the winner’s wife to later come to the stage to correct this blunder. But when Jennifer Garner took the stage to present Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy later, she began by thanking Argo producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, which Ben Affleck had forgotten to do when he won Best Director. (He didn’t know he’d get another chance when Argo won Best Drama.) It’s not like these are little-known participants who need more glory ― it’s George freakin’ Clooney! Does he really need Ben’s apology to be televised so everyone knows he helped make the movie, too?


7. Jennifer Lawrence’s “I Beat Meryl” Joke

We love us some J-Law and were ecstatic to see her win Best Actress in a Comedy. But her delivery of the line “I beat Meryl!” sounded a tad too gloating and serious. We’re sure she didn’t intend it that way, but Hollywood likes humility (even if its false) rather than boasting when it comes to award winners. Fortunately, Jennifer gets away with it since it's actually a line from The First Wives Club. Phew! We're pretty sure Meryl Streep is not someone you want on your bad side.


6. Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha wasn’t exactly doing a character like his Borat, Ali G, or Bruno improvs, and maybe came of all the more awkward for it. His introduction to Best Animated Feature contained a smaller number of winning cracks than we’d expect from how long it took him to get through it, including jabs at his costars, including Anne Hathaway’s panty-less appearance at the Les Mis premiere and Russell Crowe's singing.


5. Glenn Close Is Wasted

Some people are belligerent drunks. Some people are amorous drunks. And Glenn Close is, apparently, a floppy epileptic rag doll drunk. Tina’s joke “Look how drunk Glenn Close is!” was followed by a hilarious cut to the Damages star in which she was… dancing? About to vomit? We’re not sure Glenn’s performance as a drunk is her most convincing, but we definitely want a whole movie based on this character. Or at least to take Glenn out for drinks.


4. Anne Hathaway Manically Continues Her Speech From Earlier

Like Ben, Anne apparently didn’t get enough time on stage to remember all her gratitude. When Les Miserables won Best Musical Or Comedy, she cut in with a hyper continuation of her own acceptance speech from earlier, and came off like she’d had way too much sugar just before taking the stage.


3. The Sound Cut Out Approximately 982 Times

There’s no Golden Globe award for Best Sound, but if there was… the Golden Globes wouldn’t win it. The telecast's sound was cutting in and out throughout the night and picking up stray sound from the crowd when it should’ve been focused on the hosts, presenters, and winners. This was a problem at last year’s Oscars, too ― so get it together, Hollywood! We want these awkward moments to sound as pristine as possible!


2. Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek Are Stranded During Best Drama

Best TV Drama is kind of a big deal. In fact, it’s the biggest deal in the TV categories. So when Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek were left apparently without the proper info on the teleprompter, they pretty much just stood there. “Hello,” Paul said, followed by silence and then a: “How’s everybody doing?” We might expect a comedy performer like Paul, who has done his fair share of improv, to save this moment. But nope! It ended up just being extremely awkward. (And it didn’t help that it came off a canned agents joke that Paul clearly hated, with an apologetic look on his face during the punchline.)


1. Jodie Boo Boo

The one water cooler moment that had everyone talking was undoubtedly Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Jodie Foster’s speech, which went on for quite a long time and has engendered plenty of love-it-or-hate-it debate. Was she coming out as a lesbian? Was she retiring from acting? The message was a little murky, but one thing Jodie made clear is that she place quite a high value on her privacy, resulting in an awkward reality TV comparison. “You guys might be surprised, but I’m not Honey Boo Boo child,” said the actress who also grew to fame (in much different projects) as a young child. “I have given everything up there from the time that I was three years old. That’s reality show enough, don’t you think?”

Jodie was clearly feeling a little on edge about receiving the award (which tends to go to no-longer-relevant performers) with a lot of cracks about her age and the assumption that she’s already done all her best work. It came off as a tad hostile and a bit ungrateful ― might these comments have been better made in an interview, rather than the acceptance of an award? It’s great that Jodie values her privacy, but she mixed that sentiment with her closing: “Jodie Foster was here. I still am. And I want to be seen, to be understood deeply, and to be not so very lonely.” So, wait ― does she want to be left alone, or does she want more attention?

If the latter, she certainly got it, because everyone has been talking about this moment since last night. The speech contained a few genuinely moving moments, like Jodie’s loving words to her ex, mother, and children, and also a number of rather uncomfortable ones. But we gotta hand it to her ― Lifetime Achievement Award acceptances tend to be long-winded and dull. Jodie’s was the talk of the town, meaning that she’s not done making headlines after all (whether she likes it or not).

Jodie's speech: did you love it or hate it?