Steven Soderbergh isn’t too shabby at assembling crush-worthy casts, from the hunky crew of Ocean’s Eleven to the drool-inducing gang from Magic Mike. So it’s no wonder that these fellas occasionally fall for each other behind the scenes, too ― at least in a friendly “man-crush” sort of way.

Channing Tatum recently revealed during press for Soderbergh’s new thriller Side Effects that co-star Jude Law is his latest man-crush. But does Jude feel the same way?

First, when asked about his man-crush on Jude, Channing said: “I completely do, I’m getting sweaty just thinking about it.”


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He also elaborated on his last (apparently mutual) man-crush with Matthew McConaughey on the set of Magic Mike: “He’s a mesmerizing individual,” Channing said, swooning over Matthew’s Texas twang. “Maybe I’m a guy that likes guys with accents.”

Certainly this adds more fuel to the fire that Magic Mike 2 is really happening…

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Jude, however, seemed somewhat less enamored of Channing than Channing is of him. (Ah, unrequited love!) “I think he’s just pulling someone’s leg, surely,” Jude responded when Good Morning America asked him about Channing’s crush.

Really, Jude? Is it so hard to believe a fellow actor might fall for your charms? Work on that self-esteem, buddy!

Perhaps even Jude can see that Channing's still gushing over Matthew, and Jude doesn't think he can compete...

Who's a better man-crush duo: Matthew & Channing, or Channing & Jude?