Most actors wouldn’t dream of admitting their similarities to a cranky, scheming villainess (of sorts) like Glee’s Sue Sylvester. But the woman who plays her, Jane Lynch, doesn’t mind letting it all hang out.

Hollywire’s Chelsea Briggs caught up with the funny lady at the Sundance premiere of her darkly comedic drama Afternoon Delight, where she dished on both the film and the new season of Glee.

“It’s almost like it’s a brand new show,” Jane said of the current season of the Fox show, which switches things up by following some old characters to New York after graduation while also focusing on the new crop of high school songbirds.

She also admitted that she may be more like Sue Sylvester than we might expect: “It’s also helped me, because I can be sharp. I’m not far from being Sue Sylvester in my life sometimes. I can be mean and kind of dismissive and now I’m very aware when I do that,” she said. “I still do it, but I’m very aware that I’m probably defending something.”

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And while you may expect that a comedienne like Jane Lynch would go wild with improve on set, on this particular film, Jane says the script by her writer/director buddy Jill Soloway didn’t need much extra oomph. “I think probably here and there. I bet I’ll watch it and go, ‘Oh yeah, yeah, that was improvised.’ But for the most part Jill is a terrific writer and the dialogue is just sharp and you don’t need to do anything with it.”

Jane thinks audiences will be drawn to Afternoon Delight because “It’s really heart-wrenching and it’s also really, really funny.”

Sounds like a winner to us!

Are you eager to catch Jane in a new role in Afternoon Delight?