Jasmine Villegas has been a role model for young women everywhere, thanks for her storytelling song and video for “Didn’t Mean It” about domestic violence. But she’s painting a brighter picture and showing her fans that you can escape and live your life in the video for “Paint a Smile On.”

We chatted with Jasmine about her new single when she stopped by the Hollywire rooftop last week and she explained how the “Paint a Smile” is a continuation of “Didn’t Mean It.” “It’s about getting over my past and moving on, but still being reminded by it and still getting through the hard times,” she said.

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She shows just that in the video, with clips from “Didn’t Mean It” and the same male lead haunting her as she speeds away from the horrible memories. Driving away from a motel that represents her past, her journey leads her to a new attitude and new outlook on life.

Jasmine spoke to Teen about the concept of the video and said, “Just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean a bad life.”

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