Jennifer Aniston isn’t the gal we normally expect to be wielding a sledgehammer, but it’s a new post-apocalyptic year, after all, and Jen is apparently turning over a dangerous new leaf.

Jimmy Kimmel obviously wanted a splashy debut for his first episode at the new 11:35 time slot opposite late night heavyweights Jay Leno and David Letterman, and he certainly got it. His ABC show bested NBC and CBS in the time slot ― and he got a snazzy new haircut from the Friends starlet in the process!

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In the first gag, Jen emerges in a dress and heels wielding some serious equipment. She proceeds to destroy Jimmy's set, saying "Out with the old, in with the new!" because she apparently thought this was the last episode of the old time slot. Jimmy tells her that makes "less than zero" sense.

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Then Jen reprised the career she thought she'd have as a hairdresser by actually snipping away at Jimmy's locks.

But no -- unfortuntely she didn't give him the Rachel.

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All in all, a pretty promising first episode for Jimmy!

Are you glad to see Jimmy competing with Letterman and Leno?