At least we know that some people in Hollywood have a sense of humor!

To celebrate the new 11:35pm time slot that now competes directly with David Letterman and Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel brought back another installment of celebrities reading mean tweets. Since it was posted yesterday, the video has racked up over 600,000 views.

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Simon Cowell, Hayden Panettiere and Anderson Cooper were among the other famous faces who acknowleged the haters. However, our favorite celebrity tweet-reader has to be Selena Gomez, whose sheer look of disgust is priceless. We're guessing this isn't the first time she's read similar comments about her singing abilities!

Also, we're kind of amazed this one even made it on air. (Both the celebrity and the tweet).

Did you think the video was funny or a snooze?

Photos courtesy of ABC